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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can BeautyPro masks be used under a micro current as part of a non-surgical face lift treatment and if so, are the results effective?
A: Yes, we would recommend using either our BRIGHTENING, REJUVENATING or NOURISHING masks. The micro current helps to activate the ingredients and deliver them deeper into the Epidermis, for increased results and performance of the product.

Q: Can BeautyPro masks be used after Dermablading?
A: Yes, we would recommend using our REJUVENATING mask which is enriched with Green Tea. The Green Tea extract will help to cool and calm the skin after the Dermabalding treatment.

Q: How frequently can the eye masks be used?
A: We would recommend using our EYE THERAPY Under Eye Masks at least once a week. Although, the hydrogel under eye masks can be used more frequently if desired.

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